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helloMuller is an independent design studio founded by award-winning designer and creative director Tom Muller. His work across graphic, digital, brand, and product design is informed by Modernist principles infused with a contemporary design sensibility that blurs the boundaries between creative disciplines—delivering design that is relevant, resonates, and inspires its audience—winning him global recognition as an industry leader in his field.


helloMuller partners with—and designs for—clients and brands across technology startups, film studios, Fortune 500 companies, production companies, publishers, artists, and cultural institutions that include Marvel Entertainment, Image Comics, DC Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Hivemind, Éditions Kinaye, Valiant Entertainment, 2 Miles Entertainment, Google, WIRED, Paramount Pictures, Protozoa Pictures/Darren Aronofsky, Universal Pictures, Disney, Lion Forge, TV Guide, StudioCanal, Muse Productions, Hearst Publishing, Sony Electronics, Flipboard, WGSN, SCEE/PlayStation, and MTV.

Selected work

A few recent projects across visual identity, brand, and graphic design—ranging from stand-alone logos to serialised publication design, book design, branding, and visual identity programs:

X-Men line rebrand.
Marvel Entertainment
Visual identity.
Logo design.
2 Miles Entertainment
Logo and publication design.
Image Comics (Various)
Logo and cover design.
Valiant Comics (Various)
Logo design.
DC Comics (Various)
Visual identity.
Éditions Kinaye
Marvel Comics HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X logos


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